The Short Answer is No. HOWEVER, there are many opportunities to enjoy Recreation in Eagle Mountain including multiple family events run by the city throughout the year, and sports leagues partnered with the city. Additionally, a Local Business named Texturs has created a tool to serve as “Rec Center” without the physical Rec Center facility.

Texturs provides a curation of Community Classes and Rec Opportunities as well as a curation of Shared Community Spaces available for Community members to utilize as they need. While there is not a centralized location in the City, these Interwoven Community Spaces, throughout Eagle Mountain and its surroundings, create opportunities for residents to participate in Recreation without the Central Location of an actual Rec Center. As more and more residents and local businesses participate in the creation and exploration of Eagle Mountain’s Texturs, the opportunities are limitless for what Rec can be participated in and what Rec can be created through Texturs .

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Interested in Teaching Classes as Sid Gig, Service or Local Business?

For community members who want to teach Rec or Community Classes, Texturs allows for a large amount of freedom in choosing what, where and how they want to share their resources with others. Furthermore, Texturs provides the benefit of the gathering of community classes for people to explore and find classes, which is typically unavailable without a physical rec center and currently unavailable on other social media for the area or through the City’s resources for Recreation.

Class creators can be paid through Texturs’ online platform if Creators desire to charge for their classes, and for Class creators who desire to provide their classes as a service to the community, there is a category on Texturs specifically for Free Classes. As a result, For-Profit Recreation resources that support local businesses as well as opportunities for Local Businesses to market themselves by sharing free knowledge, or someone who just wants to provide community service or supports can all be available at the same online location. By gathering these resources into an all-in-one location, each resource is supported and benefited from the traffic seen by the website even if someone did not directly search for their class.


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