Interwoven Community Spaces

Our goal at Texturs is to support Eagle Mountain residents by assisting in find spaces to learn, grow and share. As such, Community Classes felt like a natural vehicle for this type of weaving within ourselves and the community. Additionally, Texturs works to weave Community Spaces together for a purpose of supporting individuals, families, and businesses. By curating shared spaces and creating opportunities for their use, Creators, Businesses, and others can more easily uplift the Community.

‘Textures’ derived from late Middle English, Latin. Denotes a woven fabric, ‘weaving’, ‘woven’, and from the verb texere ‘to weave’.

Texturs acknowledges and celebrates of the many roles, characteristics and experiences in our lives woven together. Likewise, in our communities, various people coming together to learn, grow and share creates beauty and progress.

Texturs is a DBA of Cthur Clinical Services LLC. Carissa Thurman established TEXTURS as a business to serve the residents and businesses of Eagle Mountain.


  1. Local Businesses and Community Members List their Offerings (Rec/Community Classes or Shared Spaces)
  2. Texturs posts openings
  3. You can find, book, and register for classes and Spaces

CoSpace Vendors and Rec Class Creators determine the date, time, location, and price for their offerings and Texturs collects a Service Fee. Classes and Spaces for sale are subject to commission fees from Vendor’s payout.

About Carissa Thurman

Carissa Thurman moved to Eagle Mountain in 2021 after having lived in Utah for over a decade. Originally from California, she moved to Utah for schooling and stayed. She is a mother and wife and enjoys going on walks and playing with her kids. When not doing motherly duties, she enjoys spending time outdoors and imagining how to solve problems and address needs. She also appreciates opportuntities to create beauty. Upon graduating from Brigham Young University in Neuroscience (BS) and Social Work (MSW), she worked in the mental health field as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

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